Why UzbekBuild Expo?

UzbekBuild International building and construction exhibition will be held in Dimax Trade Center at Tashkent Uzbekistan between 07-09 APRIL 2020

Developments in the domestic environment and a huge number of infrastructure projects have created an unforeseen demand for construction materials consumption in Uzbekistan, which is bound to increase manifold in the coming years.

National consumption of most construction materials in Uzbekistan is increasing due to ongoing construction works. According to Islam Karimov, President of Uzbekistan, the real sector of economy attracted foreign investments of almost US$ 2.9 billion in 2011, 78.8% of which were foreign direct investments. It should be noted that over 73.5% of all investments were directed to construction of production capacities. Analysts of Ansher Investments suggest that this growth will continue for following several years and this phenomenon will be connected to growing demand in the three most important market sectors:

Exhibit to UzbekBuild and discover the potential of Uzbekistan Construction Sector

Why Exhibit

To be a part of UzbekBuild , international trade fair for building materials and construction machinery, dont hesitate to contact us.

Although Uzbekistan is landlocked, it has a large internal market of 29 million, and it offers easy access to the entire Silk Road market of over 142 million people. Lying at the heart of Central Asia, Uzbekistan forms the hub of the region. Its transport and communications networks connect it with the other Central Asian countries and a number of transnational corporations have already chosen it as their regional headquarters. A relatively developed infrastructure is a competitive advantage that many countries in transition possess compared to developing countries where the infrastructure is non-existent or has been allowed to deteriorate.

The economy of Uzbekistan has a huge investment potential. For the years of independence, such sectors as automobile, agricultural machinery, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, information technologies received new development. Uzbekistan is rich in various types of minerals. Over 100 types of mineral resources have been explored in the depths of country. Uzbekistan is one of the advance places in the world for its deposits of copper, silver, gold, lead, zinc, tungsten, natural gas and some other minerals. The explored deposits of minerals themselves are estimated at US$ 3.3 trillion. The enterprises and the organizations specialized on manufacture of construction materials, products and designs are exempted from customs payments (except for fees for customs registrations), at import of the equipment and utilities for their production. The additional factor of promoting increase of consumption of construction materials, especially Construction brick, is the exhilaration of rebuilding in the Republics of the Central Asia. This tendency will be kept in prospects.


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Exhibitor Profile

Building Materials – Work and Construction Machinery - Energy and Electrical Systems - Infrastructure Services
  • Cement
  • Concrete
  • Door Window Syst.
  • Bathroom Kitchen
  • Painting Chemicals
  • Ceiling - Roof Syst.
  • Insulation
  • Iron - Steel
  • Wood Systems
  • Hardware
  • Prefabricated
  • Steel Construction
  • Marble - Ceramic
  • Natural Stones
  • Floor Coverings
  • Partition Systems
  • Office Furniture Construction Machinery
  • Concrete Machines
  • Asphalt Road Machinery
  • Stone Crushing and Screening.
  • Mining Machinery
  • Spare Part
  • Crane
  • Truck Mounted Equipment
  • Municipal Equipment
  • Scaffolding - Formwork Syst.
  • Backhoe-Loaders
  • Equipment and Spare Parts
  • Light Construction Machinery
  • Cement Machines
  • Drilling Machines
  • Pump - Valve
  • Treatment and Environment Electrical Systems
  • Energy Systems
  • Lighting Systems
  • Generator
  • Transformer
  • Compressors
  • Cable
  • Panels
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Wind energy systems
  • Purification and Environmental Systems
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Heating Cooling Systems Electrical Systems
  • Energy Systems
  • Lighting Systems
  • Generator
  • Transformer
  • Compressors
  • Cable
  • Panels
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Wind energy systems
  • Purification and Environmental
  • Systems.
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Heating Cooling Systems

Sponsorship Options

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Main Sponsor
  • Company logo on the fair opening image
  • 24 m2 special design stant
  • Company logo on exhibition invitations
  • Company logo on all kinds of printed materials
  • Link on the website of the fair
  • Company logo on front cover of fair catalog
  • Full-page color advertising in the exhibition catalog
  • Possibility to distribute brochures and promotional materials in the registration area
Registration Area + Badges Rope Sponsor
  • Use of company logo and visuals in registration area
  • Distribution of brochures and promotional materials at the registration desk
  • Registration officers wears t-shirt with sponsor logo - t-shirts to be provided by the sponsor
  • Company logo or name on all visitor name badge strings
  • For a total of 10,000 units.

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Address: Dimax Sanoat Savdo Ko'rgazma Biznes Markazi
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UZBEKBUILD, one of biggest construction show of Uzbekistan, international trade exhibition for building materials and contruction machinery. 07-09 APRIL 2020 Dimax Trade Center Tashkent.